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Muslim Women Fashion Style Challenging Western Fashion Trend

Usually, the Islamic fashion industry followed the traditional style of dressing. As, in Islam, there is a specific dressing code mentioned for Muslim ladies. They could not wear anything that is not modest. Generally, the Islamic ladies clothes were more traditional and they were called as a sign of oppression by the westerns. The Muslimah community women had to put on a full covered body dress including head and neck. They were called as a restricted section of women belonging to the second largest religion of the world. But, with the revolutionary change in the Muslimah fashion industry, the muslim women fashion style changed a lot. The Islamic ladies particularly, younger generation has been found to become more conscious about their beauty and fashion.

The Islamic clothes of the recent times are designed by well known Muslim fashion designers such as Iman Aldebe, Hana Tajima and Dien Pelangi. They have redefined the concept of Muslimah fashion by balancing faith and religion. Today, the Islamic modest apparels seemed to be challenging the western trends. There was a time when westerns used to call the Islamic ladies as oppressive and obsolete, but with the entry of the modest fashion trend, the dressing style of the Muslimah community women changed as well.

Islamic ladies are found today wearing modest wears at work place and for other occasions. A wide array of modest clothes is available in the market these days that is designed in accordance to the western fashion style. Islamic community women feel pride to put on the modest clothes that give them a modern appearance even though preserving Islamic religious values.

A well known American cosmetics company Cover Girl hired Nura Afia, a hijab wearing model to endorse its products. Whereas, on the other hand H&M selected Mariah Idrissi, hijab wearing model to promote its business. The creative latest modest collections of the Muslimah fashion designers are highlighted in the various fashion weeks held in different parts of the world.

The Muslimah ladies love to wear hijabs for any number of reasons. The world of hijab style is growing. In the past few years the hijabs which seemed to be the most common modest dress have undergone great change. Thanks to the modest trend of fashion that has allowed women of the Islamic community to exhibit their fashion and beauty in a modest way.

Previously, the hijabs were available only in black colour. But, with the evolution of the modest clothing style, the hijabs have been redesigned in the past few years. They are found in various colours, patterns and fabrics. Women of the Islamic community will be able to appear modern even putting on the hijabs. The Islamic ladies wardrobes of the modern generation are filled with latest hijab collections.

The hijabs of the present age challenges the western fashion style. For some women, the hijab a square scarf enfolded around the head looks elegant whereas a rectangular one enclosed loosely around the foreheads adds a touch of gracefulness. Goltune News is an outstanding platform to find out information about the Islamic ladies, their culture and muslim women fashion chic.