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Muslim Woman Indonesian Designer Attracted All Attentions at the New York Fashion Week

Anniesa Hasibuan met her fans in New York. Photo: Instagram

Summary: New York Fashion Week has traditionally been filled with catwalks displaying Western fashion, but in 2016 the most remarkable event displayed modest and traditional Muslim clothing from an Indonesian designer.

History was made during the most recent New York Fashion Week with the first ever event showcasing Muslim women’s fashion, especially women who wore a hijab.

The designer for the show was 30-year-old Anniesa Hasibuan, who has been influencing the fashion industry with her diverse array and range of attire for Muslim women. This collection was shown last week during the 2016 New York Fashion Week, which premiered at a time when extreme Islamophobia is seen all over the world, and especially in the United States.

This new collection of Muslim fashion provides a fresh perspective on Islamic tradition, and how it blends with modern but modest fashion.

Hasibuan’s collection was a special occasion for several historic reasons. The event was the first ever time that an Indonesian women presented her collection in the New York Fashion Week, as well as it was the first time that a collection consisting solely of modest Islamic religious clothing was presented on a catwalk.

Because of these reasons and the quality of the elegant clothing, Hasibuan was one of the only designers to receive a standing ovation at the end of a show.

She was immediately moved by the emotional applause, and nearly crying, Hasibuan said she was astonished that her collection of Muslim clothing would receive such a thunderous applause. She went on to say that the response was immediately humbling.

This is not the first time Hasibuan has received overwhelming praise for her brilliant designing, as her own boutique in Jakarta has often been hailed as a success for displaying authentic Indonesian culture, Islamic tradition and modern concepts together in a unique blend. One of her biggest influences on the fashion industry is the blending of modest and modern fashion, a concept many before her have struggled with.

Her collection presented 48 beautiful pieces of modest attire, and Hasibuan said that her priority with her fashion was to bring the name of her nation into the fashion spotlight.

She said these aspects of her home country inspired her collection, especially the prominence of colorful and floral patterns. The clothes displayed at the New York Fashion Week event from Hasibuan show off the rich diversity and cultural history of Indonesia.


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