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A Muslim Woman Is Attacked for Wearing Hijab

Wearing a Hijab
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Summary: Muslim women are often targeted for wearing a hijab, and such was the case in London recently when a woman had her headscarf pulled down.

Muslim women can often be targeted for wearing a hijab, which is common to wear for religious reasons, and such was the case recently in London. Two men pulled the headscarf off of a Muslim women. The London police are now asking for helping in finding the suspects, labelling the instance a racially-motivated attack.

The victim was in her 20s. She reported to the police that she was shocked and distressed after the attack, which happened on a very busy north London street. The London Police said she was not physically hurt during the altercation.

The two men, who are reported to be in either their late 20s or early 30s, snuck up on the women from behind and then yanked off her headscarf, which was covering her head and neck at the time.

Detective Ben Cousin of the London police said they will not tolerate “racially and religiously motivated crimes,” and he personally called for help in finding the two suspects of the crime.  and asked for help locating the two suspects.


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