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Muslim Fashion Steps into the Spotlight

Jeny Tjahyawati (right, front) and her models at the Indonesia Modest Fashion Show

Main point: Modest fashion is not an entirely a mainstream culture in the U.S. yet, the industry seems to be moving in the direction of inclusion

Source: Seattle Time

Writer: Moira Macdonald

When Muslim-American women gather, their clothing tells a varied story. Some wear robe-like gowns that flow to the floor, in plain dark colors or in elaborately sparkling hues and patterns; others might don coordinated outfits of loosefitting pants and tunics that hint at the country of their heritage; and some simply choose jeans and shirts. Many, but by no means all, cover their hair, with flowing veils or simple headscarves (known as hijab, a word which also refers to the Muslim practice of dressing modestly).

“In the U.S., you have Muslims from Indonesia, from Iran, from Pakistan, from Tunisia — different places. And they all have their own attire, their own beautiful garments,” said Saideh Jamshidi, a journalist who recently relocated to Seattle from Wisconsin. For several years, she has been working on a project called Fashionable Muslim Women (available to view at in which Jamshidi and others travel to different cities to photograph women, in their varied attire, at large gatherings of Muslims — with the goal of presenting Muslim women as stylish, unique individuals, with a wide range of choices.

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