Modest Fashion and Its Positive Impact on Muslim Women

The Muslim ladies for centuries are struggling with their traditional costumes. They never thought of expressing their individualism before mid-2000. Indeed, they always were thought as the oppressed class of the society. There was no dressing choice as the Muslim apparels were abided by Islamic religious values. No change in the dressing style of the Islamic women was noticed until mid-2000. It was only with the advent of the modest fashion, the Islamic women could breathe a fresh air.

The modest fashion brought positive impact on the Muslimah community women. It came with a new hope for those women who were considered as oppressed and conservative. Before the introduction of the modest outfits, the dresses were too long with traditional designs and dull colours.

The Japanese brand Uniqlo teamed up with the British fashion designer Hana Tajima and came up with a series of functional outwears and accessories. These include hijabs and veils. The family of modest fashionable ladies is growing rapidly. There is a great demand for the modest market.

Halima Aden commented that modesty is not only confined to the Muslim community women.

The modest Muslim clothes are in high demand in the western countries. The modest wears are redesigned with innovative thought. They are highlighted in the various fashion weeks in the US, London, Paris, Dubai, etc. Even Muslim modelers are nowadays hired by big business brands.

In fact, the business brands have realized the fact that modest Muslim clothes are having huge commercial potential. It is for this reason brands such as H&M, Cover Girl and L’Oreal are hiring Muslimah model with a hijab.

A wide variety of modest clothes are being designed by Islamic fashion designers. The San Francisco De Young was the most challenging fashion exhibition that expressed the reality that Muslim women fashion is no more restrictive.

The Islamic community women have turned out to be the fashion influencers of the modern era.

More and more women have got attracted towards modest fashion trends. This is because; the modest outfits are redesigned to give Muslim women a unique identity. The modest fashionable clothes are designed by intermingling faith & fashion.

Though, the Islamic fashion has moved a long journey shattering the stereotypes, the Islamic nations are still suffering a lot of fights. The peace factor is missing from the Middle-Eastern countries. In order to create a peaceful environment, the peace father, Johan Galtung started peace journalism movement.

The main motto of the movement was to restore peace and create an atmosphere of peace. The group comprised of journalists, activists and academics. One of the major objectives of this brand of journalism is to minimize the social tension between Western and Islamic countries.

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