Modern Muslim Fashion & Its Influence in Global Market

The Muslimah fashion has walked a long way. For centuries, the Islamic women had to put on clothing’s that were old fashioned and traditional. With the change of time, the fashion for the Muslim ladies also changed. The Islamic fashion saw a new dawn with the evolution of modest fashion. It created a great wave in the fashion industry. The Muslimah women of the present generation have embraced the modest apparels in the global market. In fact, modesty has given a new power of dressing for the Islamic ladies. The modern muslim fashion is being exhibited through high brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY & Tommy Hilfiger.

As per the Global Islamic Economic report, the global market for Modern Muslim fashion worth $327billion by 2020. It is expected that it will be more in Germany, Britain & India combined.

The Muslim fashion is essentially not only for the Muslim women. They can be worn by any other community women across the world. The modest outfits come with a perfect modern look. They are designed with amazing fashion style perfect for trendy women of the modern generation.

At the present moment, the muslimah fashion style is being appreciated by women of both Muslim & non-Muslim community. The fashion style of the Islamic ladies exclusively surrounds around the modest attires. There is a wide category of modest clothing’s available in the market. It combines modernity & modesty.

Usually, the modest apparels which include loose fitting garments or more coverage is now within the mainstream fashion today.

Indeed, the women of the present era are spending huge money on modest Muslim clothes. It is estimated $243 billion in 2015. But, it is believed to increase by 11 % or more by 2020 as per the report of Thomson Reuters.

According to the chairwoman of Islamic Fashion & Design Council, Alia Khan, the Muslim community women are becoming more and more stylish. The designers of the present date are designing modest apparels in accordance to the needs of Muslim trendy women.

Every modest outfit comes with an ideal design to give a modern look to an Islamic lady. The Burberry Mango & DKNY, both have launched Ramadan collections. Apart from this, Dolce & Gabbana have come up with a line of Hijabs & abayas.

The modern Muslim fashion has greatly influenced the apparel industry. It has lead to ever increasing demand for the Muslim modest attires in the global market. However, Clark noted that U.S has a significant number of women who prefer to dress modestly.

As per the report of Khan, the western houses are hunting for creative modest outfits. The Muslim modest clothes are available for every season. It has drawn the attention of many big business brands. The demand for Muslimah modest outfits are rising day by day in the global market. To get more information about modern muslim fashion, Muslim women fashion style, go through the news & stories published in the Goltune news.

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