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Michelle Garred: Equipping War-Torn Communities with PeaceBuilding Strategies

Michelle Garred writing on the move in Aceh, Indonesia 


Show Note: Michelle Garred is the Principle at Ripple, an organization focused on Peace Research and Consulting. Michelle is a peace practitioner, researcher, strategist, and author of Making Peace with Faith: The Challenges of Religion and Peacebuilding. Michelle has worked with numerous non-profit organizations in more than 30 countries, particularly those who have been affected by war, to equip them with conflict-resolution strategies.  She will talk with Sara Jamshidi about peace-building procedures in various environments.


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Michelle Garred

Identity Makers & Human Creativity

Weaving Peace in Mindanao

Peace Catalyst (Garred is Board of Directors for Peace Catalyst International)

Garred’s Book: Making Peace with Faith: The Challenges of Religion and Peacebuilding




Interview with Michelle Garred for Peacemindedly Podcast