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Istanbul’s First Modest Fashion Week Will Be Held in May

Istanbul's First Modest Fashion Week
Courtesy of Istanbul Fashion Week  ‘Fashionistas’ at the CNR Expo Center in Istanbul view the Ugoza collection, just one of the Islamic clothing lines for women that combines modesty with high fashion.

Summary: The International modest fashion week set to take place in Istanbul in mid-May to act as a bridge for modest fashion world between Asia and Europe

Istanbul Modest Fashion Week (IMFW) is Turkey’s first premier fashion event to take place between May 13 and 14 at the Haydarpaşa Railway Station located on Istanbul’s Asian coast. The IMFW is organized by, Turkey’s modest fashion mogul, and Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) based in Dubai.

Istanbul Modest Fashion Week will consist of modest fashion shows, fashion booths and workshops, and world-class stages, according to its press release. The aim for the 2-day event is bring together designers, brands, modest fashion influencers, the industry’s elite professionals, retailers and fashion associates.

Kerim Ture, Modanisa’s CEO and Alia Khan, IFDC president recruited Franka Soeria, who refers herself as ‘global fashion networker’, and Özlem Şahin, who identifies herself as fashion entrepreneur, to put together the event.

Daily Sabah of Turkey conducted an interview with Soeria and Şhahin