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Is Fashion for Muslim Ladies Finally on Trend?

Whenever the concept of fashion evolves, Muslim fashion is considered as a hot topic of discussion among the critics worldwide. It is certain that the dressing style differentiates one religious community from the other. Unlike any other community, the Muslimah fashion has always been well thought-out as backward and old-fashioned. Often a topic of hot debate is raised by the fashionists worldwide. The question that always comes to the forefront is whether the fashion for muslim ladies is still backward or they are finally on trend?

The fashion for Muslim ladies has set a new phase from the mid-2000s. There was a time when Muslim community women had no option to wear fashionable outfits. Their clothing’s were restrictive and conservative. Even they had no choice to participate in entertainment, music, sports and other activities. The main reason was they had only one choice, i.e. long covered clothing’s that appeared traditional available only in black & white.

In the 21st century, the Islamic ladies are hoping to combine stylish costumes with modest dressings.

According to the present data, Islamic fashion is estimated £59 million globally. However, the change in the Muslimah fashion began with the emergence of the modest fashion.

Every Muslim outfit is designed these days in keeping with the up-to-the-minute fashion trend. Until now no major exhibition or fashion show highlighted about the fashion for Muslim ladies. It was the de Young Museum in San Francisco that openly explored the Muslim fashion style.

The exhibition was the first of its kind that challenged stereotypes Muslim culture. It clearly exposed the fact that Islamic women have become more fashion and beauty conscious. Furthermore, the exhibition also threw light on the diverse global range of Muslimah fashion styles.

A host of modest clothes has been launched by the Muslim fashion designers. The Nike’s first ever professional sportswear, streetwear by Sara Elenany, the tailoring gowns by Karl Lagerfield & Jean Paul Gautlier are a few to add to the list.

Hijab is considered as one of the most common modest clothing’s of the Muslimah women. Like any other modest outfits, the headscarves/hijab has its own glory. But, usually, there are a lot of discussions heard about the hijab and it is really boring to death.

The changing phase of the hijabs:

The hijab indeed is gaining prominence in the runways. There are a lot of changes found in the hijab fashion style. They are available for diverse types of occasions. In fact, they have been modified by the Islamic fashion designers to give an exclusive look to a Muslim woman.

There is a change in the draping and colour of headscarves. Nowadays, modern hijab fashion includes veils of varieties of colours, fabrics and prints. They are presently determined by the seasons or occasions. A Muslim lady can put on the hijab as per their fashion requirement. They can simply wrap over the head and pinned together under chin.

While they can even pull it from one side over and across the opposite side, then pull it gently over the back-head and get it pinned just like a crown. Whereas, a Muslimah women having a preference for patterned fabric can pin it in the front shoulder after the veil is wrapped over the head. Know more about fashion for muslim ladies from the stories and news published by Goltune News.