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How Some Women Take Political Stand via Modest Fashion


Hoda Katebi is a Chicago-based daughter of Muslim-Iranian immigrants. She is the voice behind JooJoo Azad, the political fashion online publication. And the author of the book Tehran Streetstyle, the in-print documentation of illegal fashion in Iran.

According to her confession on her blog, Hoda is an abolitionist and community organizer, part of campaigns to end surveillance programs and police militarization. She is developing a sewing co-operative of refugee women in Chicago.

Most recently, Hoda has launched #BecauseWeveRead, an Instagram-based book club with meet-ups in cities around the world. She aims to uplift and celebrate stories of those whose voices are systemically silenced.


Hoda Katebi discussed about how there is so much more to modest fashion than what meets the eye.

Katebi graduated from the University of Chicago in 2016 where her research focused on intersections of gender, resistance, feminism, & the state in Iran. She will be starting law school in the fall of 2019. She runs on saffron ice cream & colonizer tears.

Recently, YR Media sat down with Hoda at the de Young Museum’s Muslim fashion exhibit in San Francisco. She discussed Iranian “illegal” fashion and how there is so much more to modest fashion than what meets the eye.

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