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8 Styling Tips for Women Travelers to Muslim Countries

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Sponsored Content – Women in Muslim majority countries try to follow, and enjoy, modest attires. For many of these women, they need to adjust against the climate they live in.

As traveling fashionably, I have a few suggestions for you on how to go to some of those places while dressed beautifully and comfortably.

According to a report, there are many countries follow Islam as a religion. These nations contribute about 8 percent of the nominal GDP of the world.

Mostly, the Middle-East and North African regions are considered to be a significant part of this 8 per cent statistics.

This means that if you are planning a trip to these 45 nations, you will have to follow strict rules and regulations of the countries.

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Here are some of the best fashion tips for Muslim female traveller who loves to visit new destinations and explore different places:

  1. Try to opt for the plain outfit goltune, sara jamshidi, muslim and jewish stylish women, women travel, modest fashion

If you are confused about what to put on and travel so that you don’t end up in complicated circumstances creating ruckus or complications for yourself, then try to put on a simple and plain outfit.

Minimalist fashion is considered to be the best travel gear for everyone across the globe. It’s quite easy to put on, and you can easily match with any other attire that you prefer to wear.

You must have come across this phrase “Simplicity at its best”, this is what exactly you have to follow when you are Muslim female traveller.


  1.   Try to pack comfortable dresses – goltune, sara jamshidi, modest fashion, modest style, muslim jewish fashion travel

Comfortable dresses are considered to be the coolest outfits in such climbs where it’s quite difficult for you to sustain the heat and pressure from the sun as well as from surroundings.

Make sure that the dress that you are wearing covers your upper arm and rest parts of the body properly.

It is recommended that you try to wear modestly. I suggest you try to have some sleeves on your dresses if you travel to more conservative countries. Or, Just make sure to cover up your upper arms so that you can roam around safely.

 3. Pants goltune, sara jamshidi, modest fashion, muslim jewish travelers, style travel

When it comes to pants, you better put on toned jeans, tight-fitting jeans with long tonic shirt.

Try to pack something decent when it comes to pants that cover up your legs entirely. However, keep in mind that carrying heavy denim will be difficult for you to sustain the heat as most of the nations who follow such culture is quite hot.

You can try to pack simple cotton pants, chinos, khakis, etc. that are not heavier to wear and also serves the purpose to a significant extent.

  1.   Shirts –goltune, sara jamshidi, modest fashion, muslim jewish travel

Just like dresses, you can choose to wear shirts that cover your shoulders, upper arms, and the upper part of your body.

Try to avoid low cut or low-neck clothes that expose any part of your body intentionally or unintentionally.

Muslim women, you should wear longer shirts that fit the description of the Muslim community and the codes that they follow.

Similarly, try to avoid wearing shirts that are transparent or displays parts of the body.


  1.   Scarfs- goltune, hijab style, scarf style, modest fashion, beautiful muslim ladies

Non-Muslim women can choose not to cover their hair.

However, in some countries, they have to follow the principles even if they don’t belong to the Muslim community.

Conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc. expect all the women should cover their hair and heads.

However, most of the countries prefer their women to cover up their heads only when they are visiting any sacred places or mosques.

When Ramadan happens, which is considered to be the holy month for all Muslims, you will have to follow the dressing codes to avoid complications.

It also depends on country-wise and the traditions they follow in there.

It’s advised to understand the culture, and then adhere to the codes and conducts that they follow and put on some of the best scarves available in the market.


  1.   Neutral Accessories –goltune, sara jamshidi, modest fashion, muslim jewish traveler

Dresses constitute just a single part of the traditions that follow amongst the women, and it’s not everything.

Along with dresses, you will also have to make sure to put on neutral accessories.

You cannot put on heavy golden or diamond necklaces and rings to walk on the streets of Muslim countries.

Try to pack neutral accessories along with the clothes that are mentioned above when you are planning a trip.

You will also have to avoid wearing makeups, shoes, or bags that are meant to show off and not serve the purpose. You can pack 2 to 3 items that are considered to be neutral, and also that matches your outfits.

  1.   Athletic Wear –

If you are a Muslim female who loves playing outdoor or is into outdoor activities, you must require your athletic wear to perform all the outdoor activities.

However, not many countries have any specific rules and regulations that you will need to follow. But, as a Muslim woman, you need to wear those things which are allowed by the religion.

Make sure that your outfit doesn’t show any part of your body that are not considered to be ethical by the Muslim community. Just simple athletic clothing that covers your body would do.


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  1.   Select comfortable shoes- 

Last but not least, make sure to select comfortable shoes when you are travelling to Muslim countries.

Sneakers, booties, gumboots, etc. are something that you can carry and roam around the places where there are strict rules and codes for women clothing.

You have the liberty to choose your favourite shoes and roam around the streets in Muslim countries. Make sure that you are not selecting any heavier ones so that you can easily sustain the heat in hotter places.

Final Words

Although there are many strict rules and regulations for Muslim female travellers; however, you can still look stylish and enjoy your holidays. You may also follow these tips to make the most of your trips.

Travel the world and experience some of the best cultures, taste some good food, and meet new people. Just make sure to respect the traditional beliefs and follow the same.


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