Good, Bad and Ugly, All about Dubai’s Modest Fashion Week

Islamic Fashion Design and Council
© Goltune News, 2018, a group of models posed to show an Indonesian’s collection at Dubai modest fashion week.

Our last post about Pret A Cover, Buyers Lane organized in Dubai by Islamic Fashion Design and Council.

To cover an event, reporters usually show up on the first day. They talk with a few people, get information from organizers, and observe before going back to the newsroom. Due to its fast pace nature, members of the media need to move from one story to another very fast.

Almost all media including ABC News, Khaleej Times, and Associated Press came to the opening ceremony for Pret A Cover, Buyers Lane at the City Walk in Dubai. Their story was out the next day. But for us at Goltune News, we spent about four days walking around and talking with designers and booth holders. We were able to get to see the event in a scope and caliber different than other media organizations.

Almost every designer that we talked to was frustrated over two major problems: heat and delivery.

One of the common complaints among the designers was about building up high expectations without being able to deliver the promises accordingly.

“I think a lesson learned is that don’t build up to something else, perhaps in hindsight it could not have been deliver,” said Janin Evans, owner for The Room “so be realistic about what you know you can deliver and offer that to the people rather than what you think you can deliver,” she said.

The second problem was the heat. The booths were placed in the open air when the heat reached around 98-degrees Fahrenheit.

“I think when something happens and it is not rectified quickly, people become upset, and every problem becomes enormous,” said Evans. “If that one thing could have been rectified within first 24 hours … I think that one thing became the catalyst for everything else was going on,” said Evans

In order to keep their connections with IFDC, designers were very careful about their approach with the media. Trusting in their own effort to make the best out of the Dubai trip, some designers took charge of the outcome.

“I think the event was a fantastic event,” said Yasmin Sobeih, creator of Under – Rapt, modest athletic attire. “I was able to visit some of the stores on my own. Some of the stores offered to showcase my design in their stores, I am looking forward to the next modest fashion show,” said Sobeih.

In our broadcast coverage at Goltune News, we decided to focus on individual stories of designers as well as writing about the event as a whole. Starting in May, we are going to broadcast the interviews we conducted with the designers.

We reached out to Alia Khan, chairwoman for IFDC for comment on this post. We were unable to find her prior to publication.