Unemployment Among Muslim Women in Britain Is High

photo courtesy of Flickr, photographer, Ann Fisher

Summary: The problem that many Muslims, and especially many Muslim women, face in Europe is an issue that all society should work to correct.

The Guardian recently published an editorial detailing the barriers that many Muslim women face in Britain. Read an excerpt of the piece below:

“A report from MPs on the Commons women and equalities committee published last week provided chapter and verse on the kind of discrimination that Muslim women – and men – experience in the jobs market.

“Unemployment among economically active Muslims is over 12%, when for the general population it is only 5.4%; four out of 10 Muslims are not even looking for work – double the national rate – and for Muslim women it is close to two thirds. This policy failure is partly obscured by the lack of evidence.

“Not enough data is collected to understand the diversity of the Muslim population, where the tradition has been to assume that all British Muslims have family ties with Bangladesh or Pakistan (in fact, it is only 53%), nor for the diversity of experience to be clear.

“If it is not known whether it is family pressure or inadequate support at jobcentres that stops women going out to work, or why girls at some schools or from some ethnicities do not go on to higher education while others are going on in greater numbers than boys, then it is hard to devise policy, and harder still to monitor its effectiveness.

“A report in June from the Runnymede Trust was even more critical of the government’s approach. It drew attention not only to the lack of reliable evidence, but questioned the failure to consider the wider impact of discrimination in policing and the criminal justice system.”



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