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Top 10 Story of Goltune in 2016


Fashionable Muslim Women On the Red Carpet in Seattle

Main point: Goltune team is in Seattle, getting ready for Fashionable Muslim Women photo shoot project

Goltune | FMW (Fashion)

MAYA Cosmetics is Wudhu Friendly, We Tested, and It Passed!

Main point: Do you love painting your nails but just cannot because of wudhu? Here is a solution

Goltune | Makeup


The Virtues of Wanderlust ; A Female Muslim Traveler of Malaysia

Main point: For globetrotter Rumaizah Abu Bakar, writing is as much a journey as stepping foot onto a plane

Goltune | Books


A Trends that Revolving around Eye Makeup for Muslim Women

Main point: beautiful eye makeup can highlight beauty of a contemporary look

Goltune | Makeup

Food Friday: Date Loaf

Main point: Dates have been around for many centuries. But they have come back to the spotlight recently to makes us aware of their healthy nutritious values

Goltune | Food

4 Comfortable And Stylish Hijabi Mommy Outfits

Main point: Being a mom means to be beautiful and fashionable

Goltune | fashion


Once you step across the line, you cannot go back

Main point: A review of the documentary Red Lines, which follows two activists fighting for democracy in Syria   

Gotlune | Peace

An App-Based Start-Up Tries to Attract More Muslim Consumers

Main point: Markable, a Madison-based tech company, aims to expand to Muslim consumers with new partnerships

Goltune | Fashion


5 Tips to Enjoy Travel During the End of Ramadan

Main point: Elena, Muslim Travel Girl, gives you 5 tips to enjoy your Ramadan travels. It is never late to travel, even during the last days of Ramadan

Goltune | Travel

Ramadan Special: Colorful, delightful, and Delicious Iftar Table By Azadeh Torabi’s

Main point: Azadeh prepares two Iftar table for her guests

Goltune | food