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Sustainable Fashion and Modest Lifestyle are Perfectly Compatible

Sustainable Fashion
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One of our policy in Goltune News is to report on the latest of sustainable fashion. We believe in protecting our environment by being mindfully conscious consumers. Sustainable fashion is compatible with the mindset of living a modest life, since sustainable fashion, or eco fashion, or ethical fashion cares about the planet, and future generation in its overall platform.

Press release (Hong Kong) – Redress, Hong Kong NGO focused on reducing textile waste in the fashion industry, opened the ninth cycle of its award. The Redress Design Award is one of the world’s major sustainable fashion design competition.

“Desire for change [toward sustainable fashion], particularly among the younger generation, is evident.”

The competition will focus on emerging designers to find the best talent to help shake up the sustainable fashion industry and to inspire a new wave of conscious consumers.

The winning designer will create a sustainable collection for retail by collaborating collaborate with the JNBY Group, one of China’s major fashion houses.

“Fashion’s direct link to waste, pollution and climate change is undisputed,” said Christina Dean, Founder and Board Chair of Redress. “In times of crisis, we desperately need creativity.. By uniting the 2019 winner with a sustainably-minded fashion brand in China, we can influence one of the world’s most important fashion epicenters.”

The current fashion system produces insurmountable waste. Only less than 1% of used clothes material go to produce recycled clothes. Fashion industry losses more than $100 billion  worth of material annually.

Redress Design Award attracted entries from 55 countries in 2018. More than 110 universities partnered to create a buzz at the sustainable fashion trail.

“We believe in the importance of educating the next generation,” said Li Lin, President and Chief Creative Director of JNBY Group. “Globally the desire for change, particularly among the younger generation, is evident.  We look forward to welcoming the next winner.”

Marking the 2019 competition in Hong Kong, industry experts gathered to discuss China’s role as a key player to affect change in the sustainable design.

“Last year we launched Reverb, a new circular fashion brand that is transforming our group’s environmental impact” said Li Lin.

“Fashion’s direct link to waste, pollution and climate change is undisputed.”

China is one of the world’s largest exporter of textiles and clothing. It is estimated to take over the United States as the world’s largest fashion market. With its size and magnitude, China must take an active role in the sustainable fashion platform.

The main prizes for the Redress Design Award 2019 are:

  • First Prize with JNBY Group: To join the design team in China to work on a sustainable collection for retail
  • Second Prize: A tailored mentorship with Orsola de Castro, Fashion Designer, Co-founder of Estethica & Co-founder of Fashion Revolution
  • Hong Kong Best: A guaranteed a place in the Grand Final of the Redress Design Award 2019

Emerging designers worldwide with less than three years’ industry experience are eligible to apply until the closing date on 14 March 2019 at