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Sunday Letter, What you Need to know on Modest Fashion, and Activism (Week 3, 2017)


A young woman reading news on her tablet


Hijabi Models Rock the Runway at Tokyo Modest Fashion Show

Main point: for the second time in less than 4 months, Tokyo shows its modest fashion forward signature

Source: Muslims



Modest Fashion: A Trend Or An Evolution In Fashion?

Main point: the modest fashion has been picked up with many people, especially young people. So, the question is, is it revolution or evolution in the fashion industry

Source:Huffington Post



In A Time Of Nakedness, Women Are Celebrating Covering Up

Main point: Modesty is diverse; some women practice it to honor their religion, some are modest to be different, or attractive, or …

Source: Refinery 29



Morocco Bans Sale and Manufacture of the Burka

Main point: Morocco has banned Burka, a garment that covers from head to toe with only a small compartment on the top for view and breath

Source: Women in the World




 Muslim In Trump’s America: A Muslim Fashion Designer Is Standing Up To Hate — And Tariffs

Main point: Some Muslims are very anxious to see what would be Mr. Trump’s actions against Muslims

Source: International Business Times



 In a hijab at the inauguration, Muslim woman says: Here I am

Main point: Many people, including Muslims, appeared at the inauguration in Washington DC to protest Mr. Trump’s first day presidency

Source: Religion News Service



What First Ladies Wore to Inaugural Balls – and What It Says About Them

Main point: For a fledgling first lady there’s a lot riding on her inaugural gown





 Hijab girls billboard a win against racism but what about sexism?

Main point : A nationwide campaign to raise money to get the “girls in hijabs” billboard back up has reached its target

Source: The Australian