Sunday Letter, Peace, Travel, Food, Fashion (August 01 to 07)

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4545Food-Friday: Shirazi Cucumber Salad

Summary: Shirazi salad, unique to Persian Gulf region, however, is quite unique in both the ingredients and taste.


Source: Goltune




4546Uniqlo Reaches out to Taiwan Muslims

Summary: Months after Uniqlo launched their clothing line of hijabs, The News Lens has reported on how Muslim women in Taiwan have reacted to the brand.


Source: The News Lens



4547Muslim Women to Trump, Can You Hear Us Now?

Summary: Under #CanYouHearUsNow, Muslim women responded to Donald Trump’s recent comments .


Source: Goltune




4548To Show Solidarity, Muslims Went to Catholic Mass

Summary: Muslims come together with people from other faiths to show solidarity after recent terrorist attacks in Europe.

Source: ABC News




4549Hijab And Professional Muslim Women Athletes

Summary: Many Muslim women choose to compete in sports while still following their faith and wearing a hijab

Source: The Washington Post



45450Two Muslim women were ordered off of flight

Summary: Two Muslim American women were ordered off of an American Airlines flight in Miami this week.

Source: New York Times



454551Waterpark in France to hold day for Muslim women

Summary: A community group has booked a French waterpark for Muslim women to celebrate a burkini pride day.


Source: The Huffington Post




4552Muslim women share many similarities with people of other religions

Summary: In an opinion piece in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, writer Karen Huppertz details how she learned more about Muslim women


Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution



4553Ibtihaj Muhammad will become the first U.S. athlete to a hijab

Summary: Learn five things about Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first women to compete in the Olympics for the United States while wearing a Hijab.

Source: Hollywood Reporter



45460Goltune’s Fashionable Muslim Women project displays elegance, beauty

Summary: Goltune recently went to Seattle to conduct their Fashionable Muslim Women project.


Source: Goltune