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Sunday Letter, Modest Fashion, Faith and Revolution (week 10 and 11)


10 Must-Haves for Your Modest Spring Look

With every season, comes new trends in fashion and beauty. Here we have some quick and refreshing tips to get you ready for Spring 2017.

Source: Goltune

Writer: Veena Hussain

Newest Spring Outfits For Busy Hijabis

Spring is coming. Here are some suggestions for being uniquely, hijabi chic

Source: Goltune

Writer: Sarah Ghanem


Fashion Wakes Up to Muslim Women’s Style

With the Islamic economy growing at double the global rate, mainstream designers are jumping on the ‘modest wear’ bandwagon

Source: Gaurdian


Modest fashion bloggers are drawing attention into the fashion industry

The fashion industry is finally paying attention to a growing market of modest fashion

Source: Bloomberg


7 Halal food to eat to lose weight

There are the seven halal foods you can eat without worrying to gain weight. But eat with moderation please.

Source: Goltune


Writer: Patterson

7 Muslim Women Speak Openly About Faith, Fashion And Modesty

While many are aware that most imagery spread about this group and their attire is simply untrue, who better to speak on religion, modesty, feminism and fashion other than the women of Islam themselves?

Source: Huffington Post

This ‘Modest Fashion’ Startup Is Giving Muslim Women More Than Clothes

Muslim women are flocking to a startup that promises them fashionable clothes that fit with their faith

Source: FoxNews


P.S. Muslim Women Are Changing The Face Of Fashion

While Muslim fashionistas are taking Instagram by storm, it’s the clothes they wear that are experiencing an exponential growth in demand.

Source: Aquila Style