Sunday Letter, Fashion show, Instagram, and Melania (Week of Nov. 28.2016)

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Updates on Goltune and the Modest Fashion in Seattle

Goltune is excited about partner’s of the upcoming modest fashion event with Azizah Magazine. Make sure to tune in

Source: Goltune


Fashion blogger taking a picture of two clutch bags 6 Tips to Start a Fashion Blog While Working Full Time

Main point: there are certain rules any fashion blogger needs to follow if s/he wants to be successful

Source: Independent Fashion Blogger

 high fashion muslim women posing at wooden backgroundTo Be Modest, Fashionable, and Chic Are Challenges that Muslim Women Face

Main point: Fashion and modesty are two areas of challenge for Muslim women … but there are solutions for such challenge

Source: The Blade

Two smiling friends enjoy in clothing shop3 Holiday Wardrobe Staples Every Fashion Girl Owns, & It Is Modest

Main Point: Main Point: see what fashionable girls wear during Christmas holiday seasons

Source: Who What Wear

Inside of a woman's bag   Instagram Most Famous Hashtag, “Love” and Top 10 Phrase Paris Fashion Week

Main point: Main point: Instagram’s annual review; Paris Fashion Week is one of the top 10 Instagrammed day

Source: Refinery 29

y-this-designer-left-behind-couture-for-refugees   This Young Designer Started a Brand to Help Refugees

Main point: Angela Luna is a young fashion designer who left her day job to start a brand that helps refugees

Source: First Company

will-the-fashion-industry-dress-melania-trump   Will the Fashion Industry Dress Melania Trump?

Main point: There is a word battle among fashion designers on whether to dress Melani Trump, the future first lady

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Working on laptop   14 Ways to Get Your Blog in Top Search Results

Main point: What to do to make a blog shine and be searchable

Source: Independent Fashion Blog


654Rethinking the Fashion System

Main Point: the business of fashion is in a big tranmission from old to new, from well-established, to young-established

Source: Business of Fashion


11-28-16-muslim-woman-promotes-islamic-fashion-in-miss-minnesota-usa-pageant Muslim woman promotes Islamic fashion in Miss Minnesota USA pageant

Main Point: A Muslim woman has become the first to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant in modest dress

Source: The National




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