Sunday Letter, Fashion Show, Bloggers and Hijabis (Dec 12, 2016)

Muslim Fashion Steps into the Spotlight

Main point: Modest fashion is not an entirely a mainstream culture in the U.S. yet, the industry seems to be moving in the direction of inclusion

Source: Seattle Times

How Hijabi Bloggers Are Changing the Way Muslim Women May Dress

Hijabi fashion bloggers are changing the way mainstream culture views hijab and Muslim women

Souce: OPT magazine

Someone Who Doesn’t Wear a Hijab Is Not Any Less a Muslim Than Someone Who Wears it

hijab is not the best identifier of one’s Muslimhood; and it is not right to judge one based on her outlook

Souce: Mvslims

Modest Clothing Fair In Turkey Shows Solidarity with Women in Aleppo

One of the biggest festival for hijab fashion in Turkey is spending its revenue to support people in Aleppo

Source: Daily Sabah

One Trick You Need to Stay Comfortable in High Heels

3 quick tricks to use to stay on high heels

Source: AOL news

Was 2016 the year of the Muslim fashion breakthrough?

From France to the U.S., from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia, Muslim fashion got the world’s attention in 2016

Source: AFP, Relax News

Iran fashion workers jailed for ‘spreading prostitution’

Main point: Twelve people involved in the fashion industry in Iran are reported to have been jailed for “spreading prostitution” via images posted online.

Source: BBC News

Why You Should Grow Your Value as a Woman in a Fashion Driven World

Main point: Nowadays, the term “value” is heavily used in every aspect of business. The word has become so saturated that it’s become a cliché word.

Source: IFB

5 Essential Apps for Optimal Photography on Your Smartphone

Main point: There are certain apps you can use to enhance the photo drive world around you

Souece: IFB

Dior pays tribute to past and present designers to fete 70 years

Christian Dior is marking its 70th anniversary by giving each of its seven head designers their due

Source: Luxury Daily




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