Sunday Letter: Fashion, Politics, Food (September 5 to 11)




Portrait of a beautiful young woman, in a holding in her hands a few shopping bags

Fashionable Muslim Dress for Muslim American
Summary: A clothing store in Orlando offers Muslim women and other conservative dressers the opportunity to find all of their stylish clothing needs.
Source: NPR




secondFrance PM Responded to Muslim Women Burkini Discussion

Summary: French Prime Minister Manuel Valls recently wrote an op-ed criticizing a New York Times that gave a voice to French Muslim women.

Source: The New York Times




Fashion DesignProject Runway’s Middle East Version to Be Aired Soon
Summary: Middle East version of a popular American show Project Runway will feature 15 giant fashion designers of the Middle East region on September 17.
Source: Albawaba





Generation M are Muslim Millennials with “Open Secret”

Summary: Young Muslims are quickly becoming a powerful part of the market, which Shelina Janmohamed writes about in her new book “Generation M.”

Source: Buzzfeed






fifthRice 101 – Chelow

Summary: In the Persian cuisine, Chelow is customarily served with a variety of stews and kebabs.

Source: Goltune



Sign of banned Islamic swimsuits burkini. Flag of France on background. Inscription Arret. In English stop.

Jewish Designers Are Benefiting from Burkini Ban in France

Summary: Following the uproar surrounding the burkini ban in France, Israeli designers have seen increased profits.

Source: ABC News




Christmas Makeup - Rhinestones On Lips And Snowy EyelashesBe Our Guest

Summary: At Goltune, we’re trying to create a new section of our site specifically for talented guest bloggers to write passionately about issues affecting Muslim women.
    Source: Goltune



7-17-16muslim-woman-photographer-smallFashionable Muslim Women project displays beauty

Summary: Goltune recently went to Seattle to conduct their Fashionable Muslim Women project.

Source: Goltune



Muslim People Crown Man and Woman Traditional Clothes Arabic Indian Characters Flat Vector Illustration

The market for muslim fashion is set to double soon

Summary: Brands and retailers are planning how best to serve the rapidly expand Muslim fashion market, which will reach $484bn by 2019.

Source: Drapers



5460250_e0f6974368_oIslamic Fashion Weekend 2016 set to be a huge hit

Summary: In the middle of October, the Islamic Fashion Weekend 2016 is set to have huge effects on the fashion industry.

Source: The Final Call




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