Sunday Letter: Fashion, models, Hijab (November 2016)



11-23-16-3-arab-countries-dominate-top-models-in-mena3 Arab Countries Dominate Top Models in MENA

Main Point: Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria are 3 countries with super star models in Middle East and North Africa

Source: Al Arabia

11-22-16-tokyo-first-modest-fashion-showTokyo Holds Its First Modest Fashion Show

Main Point: First Muslim fashion show for women was held in Japan for the first time

Source: Reuters

11-21-16-a-muslim-fashion-designer-sent-headscarves-to-an-australian-political-leader-after-her-invitation-of-trumpA Muslim Fashion Designer Sent Headscarves To an Australian Political Leader After Her Invitation of Trump

Main Point: A Muslim fashion designer has written an Open letter to One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, urging her change the way she speaks about minorities in Australia

Source: Buzz Feed

Guitar Heroes FlyerExpression of Style, Azizah Magazine Fashion Show

There are 5 Indonesian fashion designers from Indonesia and 3 from the US

Source: Goltune

Five girls. Autumn winter collection lady's clothes‘Rent to Wear’, Neiman Marcus New Fashion Strategy

Main Point: Neiman Marcus is teaming up with Rent the Runway, a startup that allows users to rent designer clothes for a fraction of the price

Souce: Christian Science Monitor

first-muslim-woman-anchor-hijabiMeet Ginella Massa, Canada’s First Hijabi News Anchor

Main Point: Although Ginella Massa has been an on-air reporter since 2015, this week marked a significant step forward for her and for women of the Muslim faith everywhere, when she sat in as news anchor for the first time

Source: Yahoo Style News

Muslim woman playing on paddy field in a village at IndonesiaDemure is more: the rise of modesty dressing

From floor-sweeping skirts and high necklines to hijab-wearing models at H&M, it’s never been cooler to cover up. Kerry Potter charts the rise of modesty dressing

Source: Daily Mail





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