Sunday Letter: Fashion, Food, Peace & Ramadan (June 20 to 26)



A Muslim Teenage Essay Won a Contest on Domestic Abuse

Summary: High school student Sania Shaikh recently wrote an award-winning essay on Hadayai Majeed, an inspiring Muslim leader in Georgia.

Source: Atlanta Global



6.21.16 sukoon activewear (small)A Muslim Designer Is Launching Her Activewear Line

Summary: In an effort to provide more activewear options for Muslim women, Arshiya Kherani recently launched Sukoon, a clothing company.

Source: Huffington Post



6.23.16 Muslim Fashion Continuous Growth Is Unavoidable (small)Muslim Fashion Continuous Growth Is Unavoidable

Summary: In a recent interview, a female Muslim scholar discussed the growing market and diversity for Islamic fashion.

Source: Nikkei Asia Review




sunday letter, June 26 (small)Stylish hijab from Malaysian brands

Naelofar and her Sister are making life easier for hijabi women with style

Source: Star 2




attack against a hijabi (small)A Mom fears for safety of all women in hijabs after alleged attack

What started off as a hunt for cheese and mushrooms at a London grocery store left a young Muslim mother with a black eye, chipped teeth and heightened fears about the safety of women who wear hijabs.

Source: The Sudbury Star



Mango, Ramadan small
‘It really risks exploiting Muslim women’: Upset over use of pale, waif models to sell Ramadan collections

“These lines don’t really have Muslim women models or designers or collaborators. Which is part of the problem.”


Source: National Post







iftar table (small)Ramadan Special: Colorful, delightful, and Delicious Iftar Table By Azadeh Torabi’s

Summary: Azadeh prepares two Iftar table for her guests.


Source: Goltune



mint vinegar syrup (small)Food-Friday, Ramadan Special: Supper Cold Drink for Hot Ramadan Days

Summary: Mint Vinegar Syrup is an ideal drink for hot Ramadan days


Source: Goltune



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