Sunday Letter: Fashion, Food, Peace, Politics (Oct 17 to 23)

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friFood Friday: Saffron Brownie (Halva)

Summary: In recent years, the saffron brownie has found its place in the glassy shelves of many bakeries and pastry shops

Source: Goltune


thursLatest News in the Fashion World

Summary: Reviving kimono, representing all-size women for high-end fashion, andBangeladesh fashion week are the most important news of the recent days.

Source: Gotlune

wedMuslim Fashion Show in the U.S. Welcomes Male Audience for the 1st Time

Summary: For the first time in the US, both men and women were able to sit down at a modest fashion runway.

Source: Goltune

Couple using cellphone outdoors.Muslim Americans Are Making Fun of Trump on Twitter

Summary: Muslim women have directly responded to offensive remarks from Republican nominee Donald Trump, fighting back against the Islamophobic atmosphere he is creating.

Source: NPR

Christmas Makeup - Rhinestones On Lips And Snowy EyelashesBe Our Guest

Summary: At Goltune, we’re trying to create a new section of our site specifically for talented guest bloggers to write passionately about issues affecting Muslim women.

Source: Goltune

Young woman in Central Asia, in Uzbekistan the national dress, walks in the courtyard of the madrasah, the city of Khiva.Fashionable Muslim Women project displays beauty

Summary: Goltune recently went to Seattle to conduct their Fashionable Muslim Women project.

Source: Goltune

Young Muslim WomenNew Hijab Line Includes All

Summary: A new line of hijabs is inclusive to people of all different skin tones.

Source: Buzzfeed


Beautiful young muslim woman wearing blue colored hijab and backpack, posing with thoughtful serious facial expression in street, outdoors urban backgroundOn Being a Token Muslim Women

Summary: Amani Al-Khatahtbeh is the founder and editor-in-chief of Read an excerpt from her first book, Muslim Girl: A Coming of Age.

Source: The Cut

3hreeMuslim Women should lead equality efforts

Summary: A recent opinion piece in Daily News and Analysis asserts that Muslim women should be leading the way for gender equality.

Source: Daily News and Analysis …

Portrait with two girls from different ethnicity. Muslims and christians people perfectly integrated

Muslim Student Association Educates about Hijab

Summary: To break down stigmas, a Muslim student association in Florida created a workshop about hijabs.

Source: Fuism