Sunday Letter: Fashion, Food, Peace (July 11 to 17)



Picture15 Matters to consider when photo shooting in the Middle East

Summary: Middle Eastern countries are beautiful where each provide a wealth of knowledge, and wisdom, as well of set of challenges for fashion bloggers

Source: Refinery 29



Picture2An App-Based Start-Up Tries to Attract More Muslim Consumers

Summary: Markable, a Madison-based tech company, aims to expand to Muslim consumers with new partnerships

Source: Goltune




Picture3In Her Paintings, Florida Muslim Artist Shows Struggle Hijabi Women Face

Summary: Ameena Khan, Florida Muslim artist, aims to break down stereotypes about Muslim women hijab through her paintings

Source: Tampa Bay Times




Picture4Muslims Are Brand New Global Market For Fashion Industry

Summary: A prominent Iraqi journalist recently wrote an op-ed about the necessity of respecting the traditions of Muslim people.

Source: Alshargh al-Wasat




Picture5Food-Friday: Grilled chicken kebob

Summary: Cool thing about summer is to cook outside. In this piece, Azadeh shows you how to make a delicious grilled kebob chicken, Mediterranean style.
Source: Goltune




Picture6Senior EU lawyer backs French woman sacked for wearing hijab

Summary: In an influential statement, an advocate general at the European court of justice said a French woman should have been allowed to wear her hijab to work.

Source: The Guardian




Picture7A Charlotte Muslim at the Republican National Convention

Summary: A Muslim woman from Charlotte plans to go to the RNC in Cleveland to leave positive image of Muslims and Islam and to breakdown stereotypes.

Source: The Charlotte Observer



Picture8Photographer Depicts The Ways Hijab And Niqab Can Empower Women

Summary: A photographer from Yemen said she always felt powerful while wearing a hijab, and her new photography project attempts to capture that.

Source: The Huffington Post