Sunday Letter: Fashion, Feminism, Food & Fasting (June 27 to July 3)

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Picture110 Beauty and Fashion Must Haves for the Eid

Summary: The Eid al-Fitr is next week. Are you ready? Let us give you 10 quick suggestions for looking gorgeous in your parties

Source: Goltune



Picture2Halal Market Rose to $425b

Summary: The international market for halal ingredients has risen again this year to $245 billion, and it is expected to continue that upward trend

Source: Khalij Times



Picture3More Women Are Preferring Modest Fashion

Summary: As the demand for modest clothing increases, companies—both large and small—have begun to offer more fashionable options

Source: USA Today



Picture4Blogger Naballah Chi Writes About Her Decision to Wear Hijab in Her Blog

Summary: Raised in a Muslim family, I was brought up with the basic, fundamental principles and values that Islam infuses…

Souce: Naballah Chi Blog



Picture5“I’m Feminist, Because I am Muslim,” Says Linda Sarsour  

Summary: An interview between Linda Sarsour and Refinery 29’s Strong Opinions Loosely Held

Source: Refinery 29



Picture65 Tips to Enjoy Travel During the End of Ramadan

Summary: Elena, Muslim Travel Girl, gives you 5 tips to enjoy your Ramadan travels. It is never late to travel, even during the last days of Ramadan

Souce: Goltune




Picture7Food-Friday, Ramadan Special: Saffron Pudding or Shol’e Zard

Summary: Azadeh teaches us how to make a sweet, soft and saffroni desert for Iftar

Souce: Goltune




Picture8A Woman Enters the Male Dominated Hummus-Making

Summary: Though hummus restaurants have historically been founded and run by men in Arab and Jewish Israeli cultures, Arin Abu-Hamid Kurdi now runs a popular hummus shop in Old Acre

Souce: Haaretz



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