Sunday Letter, Fashion, Cover Girl, Activism, Peace  (October 31 to Nov. 6 2016)

Sunday Letter Fashion, Hijab, Food (August 29 to September 4)


Woman applying mascaraA Trends that Revolving around Eye Makeup for Muslim Women

Main Point: beautiful eye makeup can highlight beauty of a contemporary look

Source: Goltune


11-3-16-cover-girl-names-muslim-fashion-blogger-nura-afia-as-its-ambassador   Girl Names Muslim Fashion Blogger Nura Afia as its Ambassador

Main Point: Afia, a practicing Muslim who posts beauty techniques to her YouTube channel, will appear in commercials and on Times Square billboard wearing a hijab

Source: The Guardian

11-1-16-malaysia-fashion-week-starts-tomorrow   Malaysia Fashion Week Starts Tomorrow

Main Point: The Malaysia Fashion Week will start tomorrow showcasing more than 100 designers new collections.

Source: the Star Online

11-1-16-adeles-new-vanity-fair-cover-shoot   Adele In a Modest Outfit On Vanity Fair’s Upcoming Issue

Main Point: Adele is going to be the featured on Vanity Fair’s December 2016 cover in a modest fashion outfit

Source: Who What Wear

the-rise-of-orthodox-jewish-high-fashion-body-image-1460141746    Jewish Designers Are Tapping into Modest Fashion Quietly

Main Point: A few Jewish designers has created a quiet way to celebrate modesty and fashion

Source: i-d.vice

floral-crown-of-ukrainian-women-celebrates-beauty-and-traditionUkrainian Women Celebrate Floral Crown, Reminder of Beauty and Tradition

Main Poing: a group of Stylist and photographers decided to bring back Ukrainian tradition of floral crown.

Source: DeMilka   

apc-1Food Friday: Apple Pie Cake

Main Point: Azadeh baked a delicious low-callorie cup cake suitable to children and adults. Noosh Jan!

Source: Goltune



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