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Guitar Heroes FlyerGoltune is Azizah Magazine Media Partner for Seattle Modest Fashion Show

Azizah Magazine, the first U.S. based publication for Muslim women, will host the Expressions of Style fashion show on December 10th to celebrate fashionable modest and Muslim outfits from world-renowned designers of Indonesia and the U.S..

Source: Goltune

azizah-model-callingModel Call for Seattle Modest Fashion Show

Expressions of Style is the first women’s only modest fashion show in the Northwest, showcasing beautiful and modest high fashion designs created by internationally renowned designers from the US and Indonesia.

Source: Goltune

5156413247_57ddaecfa3_oHillary Clinton to Women and Girls: “Nothing Has Made Me Prouder Than to Be Your Champion”

On Wednesday morning, Hillary Clinton addressed her supporters from the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan after conceding the presidential election to Donald Trump.

Source: Vogue

sahlab-food-fridayFood Friday: Sahlab

Main Point: Sahlab is a famous warm drink in the Middle East. For many, the drink is a comfort drink, something like our hot chocolateI

Source: Arab America

malaysia-fashion-showModesty in Malaysia Fashion Show

Main Point: Malaysia Fashion Showcase latest modest fashion of Malaysia

Souce: Business Mirror

morality-police-in-tehranHijab Is Not a Matter of Choice in Some Countries

Main Point: Many women around the world wear hijab, some choose to wear, some force to wear

Souce: Daily Telegraph

henna being appliedIslamic Fashion Influences Mainstream Fashion

Main Point: Middle East costumers are top buyers of luxury fashion

Source: Motley

11-9-16-a-muslim-fashion-and-a-mainstream-luxury-brands-are-soon-to-collaborateA Muslim Fashion and a Mainstream Luxury Brands Are Soon to Collaborate

Main Point: Farfetch and IFDC will collaborate to create a modest fashion for costomers

Source: IFDCouncil

Studio Muslim woman with black backgroundMy Daughter Hates to Wear Hijab

Main Point: Many girls in Muslim families do not fee ready, or do not want to wear hijab

Source: About Islam




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