Sunday Letter: Fashion, Athlete, Make-Up (Sep. 26 to Oct. 2)



1neA Hijabi Runner on the Cover of a Woman Athlete Magazine

Summary: Rahaf Khatib is the first hijabi athlete to appear on the cover of Women’s Running October issue.

Source: Women’s Running




Portrait with two girls from different ethnicity. Muslims and christians people perfectly integratedMuslims and Non-Muslims Celebrate Muslim Festival in Boston

Summary: The first-ever New England Muslim Festival recently took place in Boston, and it was a huge success, drawing in a crowd of thousands including both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Source: The Boston Globe



3hree9 Modest Design From London Fashion Week

Summary: London Fashion Week published a handful of designs inspired by modest fashion

Source: Goltune



The girl's hair fluttering in the wind flowProtect Your Hair Against Heat, and Dry Weather

Summary: Gulf News recently interviewed celebrity stylist Asgar Saboo for some advice because as the temperature increases to 40 degrees, your hair needs help.

Source: Gulf News



5iveTurkish Meat Pide

Summary: The addition of sumac gives this Turkish snack a Persian touch; the subtle sour taste of sumac lends a playful hint that is not overriding the original taste.

Source: Goltune



Christmas Makeup - Rhinestones On Lips And Snowy EyelashesBe Our Guest

Summary: At Goltune, we’re trying to create a new section of our site specifically for talented guest bloggers to write passionately about issues affecting Muslim women.

Source: Goltune



Smiling girl in hijab covering her eyes with happiness in Dubai Marina

Fashionable Muslim Women project displays beauty

Summary: Goltune recently went to Seattle to conduct their Fashionable Muslim Women project.

Source: Goltune



tresWomen make powerful statement on modesty


Summary: Both Muslim and non-Muslim women convened recently to make a powerful comment on modest fashion


Source: Downtown Express



hijabiFirst hijabi woman featured in Playboy


Summary: Playboy recently featured their first hijabi woman in their magazine, clothed in a full headscarf and modest clothing.


Source: Bustle


beauty sensual young woman in oriental style in luxury roomYoung Muslim ballerina chooses hijab


Summary: A 14-year-old ballerini is on track to be the first professional dancer who wears a hijab.


Source: The Huffington Post



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