Sunday Letter (August 8 to 14)

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146Stylish Modest Fashion is a New Trend

Summary: Although modest fashion has always been a choice for consumers, more stylish options are now becoming increasingly common

Source: Khaleej Times




147More Athletes in Hijab at Rio

Summary: Several Muslim women are competing in the 2016 Olympics while wearing hijabs, which can help break down harmful stereotypes

Source: The National Post




148Lovers and Haters of Burkini Islamic Swimsuit

Summary: Burkini swimsuits for Muslims women have recently become wildly popular, but the swimwear has also been met with strong opposition.

Source: Newsweek



149Be Our Guest

Summary: At Goltune, we’re trying to create a new section of our site specifically for talented guest bloggers to write passionately about issues affecting Muslim women.

Source: Goltune




150Olympic Athlete and Fashion Designer, Ibtihaj

Summary: Learn five things about Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first women to compete in the Olympics for the United States while wearing a Hijab.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter




151Muslim athletes helped pave the way before the 2016 Olympics

Summary: Prior to the 2016 Olympics, there were many Muslim athletes who already excelled in the competition

Source: The Toronto Sun




152The choice to wear a hijab

Summary: Nayema Nasir wrote an opinion piece on how and why many women like herself have decided to wear a hijab.

Source: The Hindu Business Line





153Olympian hijabis inspire other Muslim women

Summary: Rawda Fawaz wrote a piece for Bustle about how Olympic athlete Doaa El Ghobashy has inspired her as a Muslim woman.

Source: Bustle



154Fashionable Muslim Women project displays beauty

Summary: Goltune recently went to Seattle to conduct their Fashionable Muslim Women project.

Source: Goltune



145Braised Lamb Shank

Summary: The idea is to allow the shanks to cook slowly in enough liquid so it can gradually release its gelatin and the nutrients encompassed in the bone marrow.

Source: Goltune