Sunday Letter: Activism, Fashion and Hijab (August 15 to 21)

Reading the newspaper in a saturday afternoon
photo courtesy of Flickr. Artist Pedro Ribeiro Simoes


25Muslim Women Challenge Stereotype Amid Obstacles They Face in the West

Summary: A recent report detailed how Muslim women were subjected to many forms of discrimination, but a piece in Newsweek details how they are fighting back against these barriers.

Source: Newsweek



26A Challenge Worth Enduring For Muslim Women To Keep Up With Their Hijab

Summary: Because American political discourse has recently been filled with Islamophobic comments, The New York Times produced a video on the difficulties Muslim Women face in America.

Source: The New York Times



27Burkini and the Fight Over the Look in France

Summary: The burkini, a swimwear option for Muslim women, has recently been banned in several places, and a wide variety of people have offered their thoughts.  
Source: The Independent



28Unemployment Among Muslim Women in Britain Is High

Summary: The problem that many Muslims, and especially many Muslim women, face in Europe is an issue that all society should work to correct.

Source: The Guardian



29Hijab and Struggle of Muslim Women to Stay Athletically Active

Summary: Rawda Fawaz wrote a piece for Bustle about how Olympic athlete Doaa El Ghobashy has inspired her as a Muslim woman.

Source: Bustle



30Fashionable Muslim Women project displays beauty

Summary: Goltune recently went to Seattle to conduct their Fashionable Muslim Women project.

Source: Goltune



31Be Our Guest
Summary: At Goltune, we’re trying to create a new section of our site specifically for talented guest bloggers to write passionately about issues affecting Muslim women.

Source: Goltune


32Germany could ban full-face Muslim veils

Summary: Germany could also follow France, which banned full-face veils for Muslim women,

Source: USA Today



33Prada offering more bags for your money

Summary: In an effort to reverse poor financial returns, the mega fashion company Prada is offering less expensive bags

Source: Newsweek


34Media coverage can greatly affect the lives of Muslim American women

Summary: Sarene Alsharif wrote an opinion piece for The Huffington Post about how her life as a Muslim woman has been affected by media coverage. She wrote:


“My children do not need to hear that kind of aggression towards their religion at such a young age.”


Source: The Huffington Post