Submission Guidelines


Submission guidelines edited copy


Submission Status: All the stories submitted to Goltune News must be original pieces written by the authors.

Word Length: Submissions between 500 and 900 words will be considered. If the article is less than 400 words, but is still worthy of publication, we will suggest changes to make it fit within this length.

Clear Writing: We aim for a reading level that is similar to that of the Economist. Avoid jargon, metaphors and clichés. If you have heard a phrase a hundred times, don’t use that phrase. Employ active voice – for example, “the Egyptian government launched Operation Y,” not “mistakes were made” – and clear, concise, direct sentences and paragraphs.

Reading Level: Keep away from obscure references and footnotes. Define terms that non-Muslims (or Muslims for that matter) may not understand, and eschew academic jargon (e.g. words like “eschew”).

Authorship: You, and only you, must be the writer of the article you send us. When submitting, use your real name – no pseudonyms, blog handles, etc. Your story will gain more respect and readership if published under the name “Khadijah Muhammad” as opposed to “CW2cheese.”

Self-edit: You need to submit the article “ready to go.” Thoroughly proof your work before submitting. Remove grammatical errors and typos, and check facts. The best article is one that needs almost no editing. Unedited submission won’t be reviewed.

Fact-Checking: You need to fact-check your work and whenever possible, hyperlink to relevant sources. For example, if you are going to state in your article that “in the United States women are less than a fourth of those in top management and only a third of those in governance level roles,” then you should hyperlink to support the evidence. You also need to be able to show the evidence.

SPJ code of Ethics: We follow the Society of Professional Journalists code of Ethics. Please review the codes here.

Republication: We’re happy to publish work that you’ve previously published on your blog. Just let us know where and when it’s been previously published.

Bio, Photo, Social Media Links: Along with your piece, send us a very short bio, your social media links, and a photo of yourself. We create a page for you with all the specific details mentioned above. We want your work and name get traction on the Internet.

Subject Matter: We review issues related to Muslim women fashion, lifestyle and leadership. We generally avoid single issue news stories unless they can be incorporated into a larger context. We strongly prefer writing that is driven by personal experiences.

Publisher’s Right:  We reserve the right to refuse to publish articles for any or no reason.

Imagery: We use photographs and artwork to accompany our stories at Goltune News. If you can provide some of your own, please verify that they are permitted for publication (i.e., appropriately licensed) or ensure permission has been granted from the owner. A good source of suitable images where permission is easily obtainable is Flickr.

Ownership: Once a piece has been submitted to Goltune News, we retain exclusive ownership for 7 business days. During that time period, the author cannot submit the piece to another publication.

Ownership: If Goltune News accepts the submission for publication, the author cannot submit it to another publication except as a reprint, which can be featured as an excerpt with a link back to the original on Goltune News. Furthermore, any edits made by Goltune News editors are owned by Goltune News.