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Stylish Modest Fashion is a New Trend

courtesy of Islamic Fashion and Design Council, Alia Khan

Although modest fashion has always been a choice for consumers, more stylish options are now becoming increasingly common

The Khaleej Times recently interviewed Islamic Fashion & Design Council chairwoman and founder Alia Khan, asking her a variety of questions regarding modest fashion. Read a brief excerpt of the interview below:

“What first interested you in Islamic fashion?

“I grew up in Canada and California. I was surrounded by a stylish lifestyle. Girls my age always wanted to look good. That first piqued my interest in fashion.

“As I grew older, I felt I needed to know my own, originally Pakistani, roots better. September 11th happened. Here I was, the second-generation child of immigrant parents, growing up in what was home for me. It was the lifestyle I knew. Suddenly I wanted answers about who I was. It was a profound journey for me. I wanted to learn about religion and our culture. My parents gave us a taste of it, but we were never fully immersed nor could anyone really say that they are if they are in a non-Muslim country. It’s very difficult to say you understand everything about your religion if you haven’t been influenced fully by it.

“In 2005 my parents retired and moved to Dubai. They wanted to be in a Muslim country where they could get better exposure. That led to me going to Jordan for a year to learn about Islamic sciences and Koranic sciences.  

“When I explored the fashion side, I liked the dressing style. I started wearing a hijab and covering modestly. Modest fashion with style was a revelation.”


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