Saudi Women Protesting Against Strict Abaya Dress Code

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Sources:  The Guardian and My Salaam and Twitter #Insideoutabaya

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Saudi women have launched a protest against their strict abaya dress code.

Their protest on social media has become viral

Women wearing inside-out dresses to show their resistance

Saudi women have launched a protest against their strict abaya dress code. They are posting pictures on social media wearing the obligatory robe inside out.

a woman posted a photo on twitter showing her #Insideoutabaya protest

More than 5000 tweets have been sent out so far, including image posts by women wearing the garment inside out with the hashtag #insideoutabaya as a protest against coercion to wear the abaya.

For decades, Muslim women in the Kingdom were required to wear abayas and a headscarf in public. However, in March, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told CBS Television in an interview that women only needed to dress modestly and were not obligated to wear the abaya.

“The laws are very clear and stipulated in the laws of Shariah, that women wear decent, respectful clothing, like men.”

a woman posted her photo on twitter showing her #insideoutabaya to protest the kingdom’s restrict dress code against women.

But, he added, this “does not particularly specify a black abaya. [It] is entirely left for women to decide what type of decent and respectful attire to wear.”

Using the hashtag “inside-out abaya”, dozens of women have posted pictures of flipped robes in a rare protest against the strict dress code.

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