A Radio Program Is Building Peace in Refugee Camps


Reposted from Good News Network.

Since South Sudan’s civil war began in 2013, over one million citizens have fled to neighboring Uganda.

Refugees continue to face tension—both between ethnic groups and with host communities—but in the Bidi Bidi refugee camp, one group of refugee reporters are behind a radio program that is broadcasting hope.

The reporters, all of whom are from various refugee camps across Uganda, have been transmitting 30-minute weekly radio programs on peacebuilding between refugees and host communities.

The program, which is broadcasted for Morobo Broadcasting Services (MBS), often focuses on stories that deal with religious harmony, women in peacebuilding, and youth.

“The kind of peace messages that we broadcast are unifying and reconciliatory peacebuilding messages,” says Juruga Samuel Andrew, MBS program manager.

“Looking at the current crisis we have in South Sudan, looking at the population that is involved in this crisis, you’ll find that the greatest number is the youth,” says Andrew. “So we also go to the youth, we ask them what message they want to pass to their fellow colleagues concerning peace.”

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