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Players at the Modest Fashion

beautiful woman in oriental style with mehendi

Summary: There are many different players in the field of hijab fashion, and The Hindu wrote profiles on several models and designers in the scene.

The field of hijab fashion is diverse with many bright colours and different styles that change throughout seasons. Read an excerpt on city-based hijabi fashion blogger Ayesha Nawab, one of the players in the scene.

“A loose turquoise full-sleeved shirt tucked into high-waisted yellow parallel pants, grey pumps, a pink sling bag and an Audrey Hepburn-esque styled floral scarf around her head… She floats in looking like she stepped out of a spring-summer New York runway. ‘Did you always dress like this?’ I ask, trying not to stare too rudely. ‘Actually, I did. My mother used to dress me up this elaborately since I was in school. Back then, I used to complain, but today, I’m grateful,’ she says.

“A quick look through her Instagram account, miss_nawabi, and you will know the impeccable fashion sense of Ayesha Nawab, a city-based hijabi fashion blogger. She says her style is a mélange of vintage and new-age fashion. ‘You can see it when I incorporate floral with denim – my style is a mix of my mom in the 1980s and me in the 2000s,’ she says.

“‘For me, wearing a hijab was a conscious decision. I was studying, living in Australia, and I just thought this was something I should do.’ The turning point came when she started working part-time at Hijab House, a popular boutique in Sydney.”


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