Peace Journalism Nurtures Notion of Peace – World afar War

Indeed the cold war generated its own vocabulary. It has lead to continuous political restraint, political rigidity and ideological competition. There were conflicts with superpowers and that war stayed out to be cold. As a result of the continuous conflicts, the middle-eastern countries had a different vocabulary. It completely turned out to be a place of wars, terror and violence. This left a great impact on the people residing in those areas. One of the fathers of peace guides, Johan Galtung started the movement of peace journalism. It worked on the notion of nurturing peace and setting up a world afar from war.

Basically peace journalism practices the positive aspect of peace. It actually examines the reasons of conflicts, encourages discussions before violence occurs.

The group is comprised of journalists, activists and academics from various parts of the world. Usually, the reporter of this brand of journalism rejects any kind of propagandas and instead enquires about facts from all the sources. The peace journalists put emphasis on the depth and the context rather being superficial and sensational.

In reality, the life of the people living in the Islamic countries has been disturbed due to continuing violence. In such a situation, the movement started by Johan Galtung is really appreciable. It would act as a sturdy vehicle to drop light on the social and political aspects of people’s life. The movement mainly surfaced to give voice to the people who have never been depicted as peaceful.

The major goal of peace journalists joining the peace journalism movement was to minimize the social tension between the western and Islamic countries.

Its focus area is to investigate conflicts, consider all dimensions and explore all possible hidden agendas. But, its priority was to adopt the ideas of peace from across the world. Where on one hand peace is trying to be restored in the Islamic countries, on the other hand, the muslimah fashion style has moved far ahead.

There are many art museums that have exposed fashionable modest Muslim clothing’s. There are many things to learn from the clothing’s which are both fashion forward and religiously veiled. The Islamic women of Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey are leading the way.

The Muslim women are still noticed to wear stylish costumes yet when they are under strict scrutiny and intense regulation. In the modern age, the Islamic community women have got a wide range of fashion styles. There are edgy ripped jeans, graphic tees, bohemian loose and flowy separates.

The modest Muslim outfits include everything right from colorful hijabs, stylish jihabs, abayas and a lot more in the pageant. It has helped the Islamic women to express their personal style and beauty elegantly. Even, the women of 20’s and 30’s have made their own score on hijab culture.

In fact, the Muslimah community women have turned out to become “Selfie generation”. They are posting images in social media websites today. A lot of Muslim ladies felt tired of hearing that they would never be stylish. They could only be dowdy or frumpy. But, modest fashion has totally changed this conception.

There are varieties of modest wear available in the global market nowadays to cater the requirement of Muslim ladies. The muslimah modest apparels have greatly influenced the women of both Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

Although, the Islamic fashion style has changed a lot in the past few years, yet peace is still a matter of concern in the middle-eastern countries. The peace journalists are making a great effort to cultivate the notion of peace. Goltune News is practicing and propagating peace journalism through its entire platform. Read the stories and news published by Goltune News on the new brand of journalism and Muslimah women fashion.