Peace Journalism – A New Concept to Restore Peace

The Islamic countries have always been in constant conflicts. It has created a great disturbance in those areas. As a result, people residing in Middle-Eastern countries, particularly in Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria and Jordan are always struggling every day. They had to bear a lot of hardships and troubles. Hence, in order to restore peace in the environment, peace journalism, a reform movement was started by Johan Galtung. The movement aims to uplift peace in those areas where peace is constantly threatened by invaders. Generally, this brand of journalism focuses on non-violent responses to conflict. It comprises of people from different parts of the world.

Peace Journalism: Reasons for Its Introduction

Actually, peace journalism was started in order to give voice to people who are underprivileged. One of the major objectives behind the initiation of this movement was to minimize the social tension between the western and Islamic countries.

According to one of the report from the Birmingham University, almost 91 stories were published in Britain commenting wrong conception against the Muslims. The movement was a challenge against such conception by publishing positive stories that are taking place around the world in the Muslim nations.

Major Objectives of the new brand of journalism:

One of the major goals behind the commencement of the movement was to create a peaceful environment. This brand of journalism consists of journalists, academics and activists. Their main objectives include investigating conflicts, exploring all hidden programs and considering all dimensions. However, their main intention was to practice and propagate the notion of peace.

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