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Peace Journalism – A New Concept to Establish Peaceful Environment

The concept of peace journalism was initiated by a renowned peace scholar named Johan Galtung. This concept of journalism was started to create a peaceful atmosphere in the Middle-Eastern countries such as Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, etc. It’s a brand new notion of journalism where the reporters and editors make choices. They decide what to report and how exactly to report. One of the major purposes to develop such concept of journalism is to open great opportunities for society to rate non-violent responses to the society.

It is a globally reform movement which comprises of people from different parts of the world. This group of journalism consists of academics, activists and journalist. In various places across the world such as UK, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Costa Rica and in Norway, academic courses about this new form of journalism is being taught.

Usually, this brand of journalism is a good source of practical options for journalists. It reveals about the backgrounds & context of conflicts and listens from all the sides. The group explores hidden agendas, emphasizes on peace ideas and encourages the notion of peace coming from any part of the world.

Where on one hand, the peace is found to be continually in a state of disturbances, on the other hand the fashion trend of the Muslimah women, has undergone a drastic change in the couple of years. The dresses available nowadays for the Islamic ladies are redesigned to give Islamic community women a modern appearance.

The advent of the modest Islamic fashion in the Muslim fashion industry, lead to the innovation of a new Muslimah fashion style. Previously, the women belonging to the Muslim community’s were not allowed to put on anything that is not following the Islamic dressing code, i.e. modesty. As a result, the Muslim ladies fashion was called restrictive and traditional. But, thanks to the incarnation of a new fashion trend, i.e. modest fashion.

At the present age, the Muslim women have got immense opportunities to expose their beauty and fashion through the help of modest fashionable attires. A wide variety of modest fashionable apparels are available today for various occasions. The fashion show held at the de Young San Francisco was afar the bourkas. This fashion show was mainly arranged to showcase the diversity in Muslim women fashion.

However, the Islamic ladies were found in swimming costumes in Aheda Zanettis’s swim without compromising their personal identification of modesty. The Muslim fashion designers surely need a bang of big clap as it has been a constant endeavor that has allowed the Muslimah community ladies to participate in sports, entertainment, music and fashion in the present era.

The majority of countries worldwide limit Islam to the narrow perception. But, this opinion against the Islamic ladies changed with the introduction of modest outfits. The hijabs which are one of the most popular dressing items also have been found to undergo a lot of change. They are found in various colours, patterns and fabrics.

Different fashion shows were held in places such as, the UK, USA, Australia, Paris & Dubai to exhibit hijabs and other modest wear collections. Goltune News is an excellent platform to collect news and stories about traditional Islamic ladies, their culture and fashion. The website is also promoting the notion of peace journalism globally through its storytelling approach.