In an OpEd in News York Times, France PM Responded to Muslim Women Burkini Discussion

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Summary: French Prime Minister Manuel Valls recently wrote an op-ed criticizing a New York Times that gave a voice to French Muslim women.

Read an excerpt of the follow-up piece from the New York Times below:

“Prime Minister Manuel Valls of France sharply criticized on Monday a New York Times article in which French Muslim women described being ostracized by non-Muslims, discriminated against when they sought jobs and made to feel persecuted.

“The article, which was based on numerous comments from European Muslim women, most of them French, was written in light of the controversy over the full-body bathing suit known as the burkini. More than 30 French cities and towns had banned the burkini from public beaches, although an increasing number of those bans have been overturned by French courts.

“In an opinion piece published on The Huffington Post’s French website, Mr. Valls described the Times piece as presenting an ‘unacceptable image of France because it is false.’ The Huffington Post later posted a version translated into English.

“He also accused the Times report of drawing its conclusions based on interviews that did not reflect reporting that was broad but rather done in the context of an event being discussed in French media at the time: a “summer camp” that was ‘forbidden to people with white skin,’ where those who attended opposed the mixing of whites and nonwhites, Mr. Valls wrote.”


Read the full story @ The New York Times …


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