Muslim Women & Their Variety in Fashion Style

There is always a discussion about the muslim women clothes worldwide. Critics from the different parts of the world are of the opinion that the Muslim clothes for women are a symbol of oppression. They are simply old fashioned because they are long and loose fittings designed with traditional style and dull colour. But, this perception changed with the arrival of the modest fashionable outfits. The modest apparels of the present era are designed by fusing modesty and modernity. The women belonging to the Islamic community now have become fashion alert with the increasing women empowerment. They have become today the dictator of their own beauty and fashion.

A few years back, the Islamic ladies were not allowed to dress anything that is beyond the Islamic dressing code, i.e. a Muslimah woman need to dress in a modest way. The traditional Muslimah clothes were restrictive and boring according to the westerns. But, in the couple of years, the Islamic fashion industry had undergone a great change. It has brought into light a new fashion style, i.e. the trend of modest clothes that comes with a variety of designs and style.

Muslimah women have gladly embraced the change in the fashion style. Younger generation women of the Islamic community commented on this change, stating “The modest attires helped us to look modern and fashionable yet conserving faith and believe in the Islamic religion.”

According to the modern generation Islamic ladies, the modest dresses muslim has allowed the Islamic women to march with the up-to-the-minute Global fashion style. Muslimah women’s wardrobe looks great with the latest modest collections. The first and the foremost modest apparel that has gained great popularity worldwide is the hijab. The hijabs are available for every occasion in varieties of design and colour. They come with regular scarves, cardigans and shirts that will make the wearer look beautiful and fashionable.

Long sleeved shirts with a diversity of neutral colours can be worn under the cardigans, tunics and Abayas. Along with that long cardigans which can be put on with different types of clothing’s items will add a classy look to the Islamic woman.

To make the Islamic women feel comfortable during summer time, there are modest clothes designed specifically to give a vibrant relaxed feel during the hot sunny days. There are winter wears that are specially designed by the Muslim fashion designers to give a fashionable look to the Muslimah women.

Additionally, there are other categories of modest apparels available in the present age, such as sportswear, streetwears and party wears that comes with stylish and appealing look. The modern generation Muslimah women are spending around $44 billion on the modest fashionable dressing items.

The big brands such as H&M and others are greatly influenced by the modest wears. Halima Aden was hired for the Milan Fashion week; the industry’s most esteemed events for their catwalks in hijabs. The modest dressing outfits have become the mainstream fashion for not only the muslim women, but, also for the non-Muslim as well. Goltune News is exhibiting facts about the beautiful Islamic community ladies, their culture and fashion trend through its storytelling approach.