Muslim Women Fashion has Gone High Fashioned in 2019

The market for the Muslim clothing’s in 2013 was roughly estimated around $266 million as per the report of Reina Lewis. The number has increased to $488 billion in 2019 according to one of the recent report. It is quite surprising that 21st century Islamic community ladies have become fashion and beauty conscious as well. This has all been possible with the increasing women empowerment. There began a positive phase for the muslim women who were over the centuries had no choice. Whenever newspapers are opened, a lot of Islamic women picture comes up on the front page. But, the stories reveal a completely wrong aspect about the Islamic women. In every respect, the Muslimah women fashion was considered outdated. But, the innovative thinking of the Muslim designers has given Islamic women fashion a new pace.

A comparative research study about the Muslim women fashion reveals the fact that the modest fashion has become the mainstream. There are many Muslim countries such as Tehran, Iran, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Turkey and Istanbul, which have become the hub of pious fashion. The Islamic women motivated by the modest fashion are challenging the modern fashion trends.

According to the recent study, the Muslim women fashion has gone high fashioned in 2019. The pious fashion has given a new height to the Islamic fashion. It has attracted the women of the present generation with its traditional yet modern look.

“The fashion trend that is a mixture of modernity & modesty”

The Muslim fashion designers have redefined the Islamic fashion and given it a new definition. A wide variety of modest wears are being designed to suit the requirements of the Muslim women. During the last September Anniesa Hasibuan made a history by designing first-of all hijab fashion show in the New York fashion week. There were also fashion designers from other countries such as Indonesia and Jakarta.

Anniesa Hasibuan in her comment said “There is no such difference between the Muslim fashion and other fashion chic worldwide“. She further said that hijab style has become the mainstream. In a report to NBC news she said “The Americans would surely appreciate the work”. It is, actually, the clothes that express the character, confidence and personal style of a woman.

Besides, pious fashion, the Islamic women has used a perfect choice of makeup to suit their fashion needs. They prefer to use make up that matches with their modest outfits. It is noticed that there is a huge demand for the make up products in the Muslim countries.

A few years ago, the halal cosmetics had its niche market in South-East Islamic countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The market for halal cosmetics was $20 billion in 2014. But, its demand in the global market is expected to increase by six percent in 2019.

However, modest dressing includes long dresses or long garments that would cover the entire body. Still, it can be said, though it is fully covered yet they are comfortable and fashionable. The design of every modest garment is separate from the other tailored to produce western style. To know more stories and news about the muslim women fashion, check out Goltune News.