Muslim Women Fashion Exploring World’s Biggest Fashion Demography

The muslim women had taken the fashion to the next level. For centuries, the Islamic community ladies were considered as a symbol of oppression. But, the present modern generation Muslimah women have shattered the age old conception against them. They have become the dictator of their own beauty and fashion due to increasing women empowerment.

It is noticed that Muslim ladies globally have embraced the modest wears. The modesty is redefined by the Muslim fashion designers. They have redesigned the Muslim traditional clothing’s to cater the needs of modern Muslim women. The Islamic ladies have always interrupted the call for modest wears in diversified ways. Indeed, they have come up with new styles that have allowed them to show their personal creativeness and social identity.

The Contemporary Muslim fashion exhibited in the De Young Museum at San Francisco is now heading to Frankfurt’s Museum Angewandte Kunst. It clearly challenges the stereotypes and explains about the modern Muslim fashion. The Islamic ladies express styles with bold designs and colours. According to some sources, The Islamic modest clothes have created a huge craze among the women of the western countries.

Big brands are getting inclined towards the Muslim fashion. The Muslim fashion designer such as Faiza Bouguessa and western companies like Nike, Christian Dior has satisfied the needs of the Islamic women. The income is estimated up to worth $44 billion annually.

The spice that adds up to the glory and beauty of the Muslim women is the modest fashion.

In fact, every Muslim ladies needs to follow the Islamic religious values. A few years ago, they had no chance to participate in the music, sports, entertainment and other events. They were only confined to the boundaries of the four walls. But, the Muslim fashion saw a new beginning with the appearance of modest outfits.

The contemporary Islamic fashion is blazing today with rich photography, personal narratives and stories. Every story explains about the Muslimah women fashion. Right from the street wear to couture, each of them is designed and shaped by local couture, global trends, religious faiths and personal choice.

There is a wide range of modest attires including hijabs, burkas, tops, trousers and jackets designed to give modern women of all religious believe a trendy look.

In reality, the main reason behind the rise of modest clothes was the increasing need for more fashionable clothing items among the Islamic women.

Muslim modellers wearing modest apparels are hired by renowned brands such as L’Oreal, Cover Girl to showcase their products and boost sales. Diverse fashion shows are being exhibited in various places such as Britain, Germany, Holland, Australia, Dubai, Egypt, Kuwait, Jorden and in the US. The Islamic community women of the modern generation have a lot of choice right from party wears to street wears.

London hosted its first ever modest fashion festival highlighting a wide variety of modest costumes. The modest attires come with modern design by keeping a perfect mix of faith and style. It is true that modest costumes have created its niche in the Global fashion world. To know more about the muslim women fashion, modest Muslim costumes, read news and articles published in the Goltune News.

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