Muslim Women Fashion Driven by Modern & Stylish Approach

The Muslim community women, unlike any other countries women are always found dressed in long dresses. The cloths generally are long sleeved covering the entire body. It is because; the Muslim ladies had to dress in a modest way as per the guidelines mentioned in the Islam. Therefore, the fashion trend of the Muslimah women was submissive and conservative. According to the critics, the fashion style of the Islamic women was out-of-time. But, the perception all of a sudden changed with the arrival of modest wears. It was in the mid-2000, a new fashion trend created a great wave in the Islamic fashion industry. It gave a blow to the old traditional muslim women fashion and shattered the old stereotypes.

Muslim women fashion: Modern Approach for Trendy Women

Muslim women a few years back was not able to participate in sports, entertainments, music, and other activities. Always the Islamic community women had to face a lot of obligations. They were not able to present themselves as a modern woman. Thanks to modest fashion which brought a new dawn for Muslimah ladies.

The present era Muslim ladies can be found dressed wonderfully in beautiful modest attires. The modest cloths are designed by mediating faith with style. As a result, it has attracted both Muslim and non-Muslim community women. The dresses have been designed by Muslim fashion designers keeping in mind the western fashion trend.
Statistics determines the fact that in recent times, the Muslim women fashion has captured the market. Every day, Islamic fashion designers are using their creativity to give shape to their imagination. They have given a breath of fresh air to the Muslimah community ladies. The change in islamic dressing style of women has helped them to establish their niche globally.

A lot of fashion shows are being held in different parts of the world such as U.S, UK, Paris, London, etc. to showcase Muslim women fashion. The exhibition at San Francisco de Young museum was a great success. Around 80 Muslim fashion designers participated in this fashion show. They exhibited their prolific collections on modest wears.

Islamic fashion & its demand in Global market:

At the moment, the demand for Muslimah fashion has tremendously increased. A recent study shows the Islamic fashion market will set to be worth of $327 billion by 2020. Initially, the fashion trend of Muslimah women was considered as a symbol of oppression. But, the present scenario is completely different.

There has been a great demand generating for the Muslimah fashion from other cultures and regions. Though, the fashion chic of Islamic women has changed, yet modesty is the first priority. It has become a major attraction of mainstream fashion players.

The fashion admirers across the world have greatly appreciated the contribution of the Muslim fashion designers. However, it can be said that the fashion chic has set a good example for the mainstream fashion industry. It has offered an ideal solution for trendy Muslim women. Goltune News is an outstanding platform that is continuously bringing in the news and stories about muslim women fashion, beauty and makeup.