Muslim Women Challenge Stereotype Amid Obstacles They Face in the West

Newsweek Details

Summary: A recent report detailed how Muslim women were subjected to many forms of discrimination, but a piece in Newsweek details how they are fighting back against these barriers.
Khursheed Wadia recently wrote an opinion piece about how Muslim women have started to fight back against the discrimination they face. Read an excerpt of the excellent piece below:

“Muslim women, especially those wearing Islamic dress, represent what is considered a backward faith that disrupts western ways of life.

“Islam is also regarded as a barrier to their advancement outside the home because it stresses women’s role as caregivers and homemakers. It apparently compels them to cover their hair and face and excludes them from Islamic thought and governance.

“Large numbers of Muslim women in Britain argue that it is the intersecting effects of Islamophobia, including public stereotyping and male-dominated interpretations of Islam from within Muslim communities or assumptions made by non-Muslims, which constrain them.

“For some time, they have been seeking to fight back—particularly in the years following 9/11. Muslim communities have come under heavy surveillance and women have had to play different family roles. Wives, mothers, sisters of men charged with or imprisoned for ‘terrorist’ activity have undertaken traditional male responsibilities. Others have been subjected to surveillance themselves.”


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