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Muslim Rapper Broadcasts Her New Video Criticizing Men of Double Standard

Muslim Rapper
photo curtsy of Mona Haydar’s Instagram Page @themostmona

Summary: Hijabi rapper broadcasted a video that criticized Muslim men’s standard against women in their lives.

Source: Emirate Woman

Writer: Siobhan Downes

Earlier this year, hijabi rapper Mona Haydar shot to viral fame with her music video celebrating women who wear the headscarf, Hijabi (Wrap My Hijab).

Now, she’s back with a new anthem for Muslim women.

The Syrian-American activist’s latest single, Dog, takes on the patriarchy, addressing some of the ridiculous double standards faced by women in today’s world.

Haydar, who is joined by Orange is the New Black star Jackie Cruz in the video, targets hypocritical males who try to dictate how women should live their lives.

“Say my voice is haram, cuz you getting turned on – boy you might need Qur’an,” she raps. “Say you can save my spirit, but you’re a dog at night.”

At one point, Haydar singles out men who lie to impress women.

“A teacher? A guru? Mm, you just some doo-doo,” she says. “Said I own the whole souk, but you just sell produce.”

Haydar has an important message for these men, which she raps in Arabic: “A women’s voice is revolution,” she says.

She concludes the rap with the lyrics: “Oh my God, you need God.”

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