Muslim Modest Fashion – Its Influence in the Western World

The Muslim fashion is continually growing in the western world. One of the major reasons behind this is the introduction of modest fashion in the Islamic fashion industry. The modest wear comes in a wide variety of designs and colours. There are cool summer attires, fancy party dresses, wedding costumes, and warm winter modest dresses. There is no doubt in the fact that modest attire is developed to give a perfect modern appearance to a trendy woman of modern times. In the present date, modest clothes have got almost $2.9 billion dollar global market. Hence, it can be said that Muslim modest apparels have imparted a great influence in the western world as well.

Whether it is a turban or a diamond coated abaya, it can never be denied that Muslim fashion has blazed up. Long days back, the Muslim women were regarded as an oppressive and restrictive section of society. It cannot be denied that Islamic fashion was ignored by fashion industry in the west. Still, there can be seen some inclusiveness in the modest wear collections of DKNY, Zara, Tommy Hilgifer, etc.

Whenever it comes to modesty, the Muslim women are a perfect example. They have displayed their beauty and fashion in a modest way. Even though the modest outfits are fully covered and long sleeves, yet they have attracted the women of western countries. It has attracted western world fashion lovers a lot due to its variety in design, style and colours.

Muslim fashion is not the same in Present era:

The typical Muslimah fashion has been overthrown with the entry of modest fashion in the Islamic fashion industry. The modest Islamic clothes of the modern age are designed by combining modesty and modernity. Seek Refuge is one of the recent streetwear brand designed for Islamic women. It is presently paving the way for future of Muslim women.

Inclusivity in Modest Attires:

The modest wears are wide-ranging. There are big brands that are making strides for Islamic women. The Nike has released the Pro Hijab which is a valid hijab for the Muslim women athletes. In fact, this is a major step reaching inclusivity in the fashion world. However, the introduction of the Pro Hijab brought a diverse reaction. Though, the launching of this modest apparel has been a plus point for Muslim women athletes.

The Hijabs, bindis and cultural clothings have been accepted globally. The models in a recent show at NYFM were seen in hijabs. A few of them had wide-brimmed hats. Even if, hijab is not considered as exclusive to Muslim women as it is wrapped with typical traditional style. It has been constantly oppressed by the west. But, in the present date, the hijabs have also undergone a tremendous change in its draping and colour.

Although, the Muslimah fashion, has established a great niche in the western fashion world, but, peace is still disturbed in those areas. The Middle-east countries are continuously suffering due to constant threats of fights. To create a peaceful environment, a new movement came into existence. It is termed as peace journalism. This new brand of journalism aims to give voice to under- privilege. The group consists of journalists, activists and academics. The new group of journalism aims to explore hidden agendas, considers all dimensions and practices the notion of peace.

Maybe peace is still lagging behind in the Middle-eastern countries, but, Muslimah fashion has completely made a strong move. It has influenced big business brands worldwide. To know about Islamic modest fashion in a comprehensive manner, read the stories and news published by Goltune News.

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