Muslim Fashion & Beauty Weekly Review (Week of April 18 to 24)

Muslim woman messaging on a mobile phone in the city.

(Week of April 18 to 24)

Top 10 news on Muslim women fashion

Feminists in a tangle over Islamic fashion

Secularists fail to understand why Muslim women are wearing the veil

Source: Financial Times

French Democracy and Push for Ban on Hijab

Pushing Secularism over Democratic Values – France’s PM Supports Hijab Ban in Universities

Source: Goltune News

Is the Muslim hijab radicalizing French society?

A controversial ‘Hijab Day’ was organized to end the stigmatization of women who wear the veil, But many others had a different view.

Source: RT News

Interfaith Hijab Fashion Gains Momentum on Online Discussion

Muslims, Jews and Christians are discussing modest fashion online

Source: Goltune News

Meet OOMK, The Collective Championing Muslim Women In The Zine World

Inside One of My Kind, the London small-press publication exploring faith, art, and identity.

Published on April May issue

Source: Fader, New York based magazine

Muslim students at elite French university under fire for Hijab Day event

Students at an elite Paris university sparked fierce debate Wednesday by inviting classmates to wear the Muslim head scarf for a day

Source: Daily Mail

Welsh Yemeni designer on hopes to crack the fashion world

A Cardiff fashion designer says religion should be no barrier for fashion

Source: ITV News

Virginia teen speaks out through photography

Razan Elbaba tells a story about religion and experience of wearing head scarf in her award-winning images

Source: Washington Post

The growth of the halal makeup industry

According to latest news, halal makeup is making waves in Southeast Asia as cosmetic producers help to weed out products which contain alcohol and lard-based lipsticks.

Source: Marketing Interactive

Fashion Runway Show for Hijabi Girls in Egypt

In Egypt, a group of young women organized “Queen of Hijab events” to choose Miss Egypt wearing Hijab

Source: CNC News