Muslim Fashion – The Fashion Trend That Mixes Style and Faith

The fashion is in fact something which is never constant. It always keeps on changing with the time. Someone has rightly commented that “Fashion is similar to melting pot that melts with time to meet the needs of trendy men and women”. There have been a lot of discussions regarding the fashion trend of Muslim men and women. Critics from worldwide said that fashion style followed by the Muslimah women especially is conservative and boring. There was a time when muslim fashion for women meant long full covered costumes with black bourkas.

Trendy & Smart Look

Definitely, the Islamic fashion has made a great move in the present moment. Today, the Muslimah fashion in the 21st century has created a separate identity in the fashion world. Gone were the days, when Muslim community women were not allowed to dress themselves in accordance to the modern fashion trends. However, the fashion style of Muslim ladies changed with the evolution of modest fashion in the Muslimah fashion industry.

Modest Muslim women fashion is certainly a fashion trend for an M-generation. It has allowed the Muslim women to present themselves in an elegant and modern way.

The first international modest fashion week will be held in Miami, Florida in between 13th-15th July. This particular event is mainly devoted to the modest attires including modest resort wear and menswear as well.

Numerous Muslim fashion designers will have a great chance to showcase their latest modest wear collections in different categories. Indeed, one of the major objectives behind organizing this specific event is to promote diversity, creativity and modesty through varied types of modest costumes.

In reality, the fashion week to be held in Miami ensures to educate people across the world about the modest wears and beyond. The organizers of this fashion show decided to setup this event annually. The main attention of this show will be on blending catwalks, talk shows and trade shows. Apart from this, even IMFW show displayed a bright future and enthusiasm for the modest wears.

The modest fashion is surely both constructive and challenging. It is constructive or useful because it caters the fashion needs of every religion.

Though it is very hard to define the term modest yet, the Muslim fashion designers have tried to explain it through the diverse Muslim modest clothing’s. According to Kerim Ture, the head of the Modanisa”Modest costumes have played an essential part in the lives of the Islamic women”. Further, she said that each and every woman with any religious believe has got the right to look good, appear fashionable and modern. And Muslim women are not an exception to it.

Today, the people of different parts of the world believe that Muslimah fashion is not merely local, but it is global and it is needed to be honored.

Although the Muslimah fashion of the modern epoch looks extremely decent and fashionable. The fashion chic combines faith and style. There are styles, colours and self-expression portrayed through the modest apparels of the present age.

The Muslim fashion has become the multi-billion dollar industry in the global market today. According to one of the recent report, the Muslim women are spending almost $488 billion on modest apparels. This gives a clear perception that Muslim woman of M-generation is gladly accepting the modest dresses. It has helped them to showcase their beauty and fashion in a unique way.

Definitely, the fashion trend is not just a seasonal fashion trend. Rather the fashion chic is considered as sustainable that has already established its niche in the global market. Read more stories about Muslim fashion and modest wears on Goltune News.

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