A Muslim Fashion and a Mainstream Luxury Brands Are Soon to Collaborate

Alia Khan, chairwoman of Islamic Fashion and Design Council


Main Point: Farfetch and IFDC will collaborate to create a modest fashion for costomers

Farfetch, the online platform to shop the world’s greatest selection of luxury, has collaborated with Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) to create a Pret-A-Cover™ edit, dedicated to modest-wear fashion customers. This collaboration will allow Farfetch and IFDC to create a bespoke shopping experience, catering to the specific style needs and desires of Pret-A-Cover’s valuable global consumers, who embrace the modest fashion lifestyle.

“Being the only retail program that helps stores create a section dedicated to customers looking for modest wear, Pret-A-Cover™ teaming up with Farfetch is every modest consumer’s fashion dream!” said Alia Khan, Chairwoman of IFDC who headed the design team to launch the Pret-A-Cover™ program early this year.

The edit of women’s modest-wear pieces for Pret-A-Cover™ is curated by IFDC and Farfetch jointly. The section will be available for Pret-A-Cover’s subscriber database of modest-wear customers to shop on Farfetch.com in December 2016.

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